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EMDR and Major Depressive Disorder

December 4 @ 9:30 am - 4:30 pm


EMDR Therapy and Major Depressive Disorder – Presented by Dr Derek Farrell Principal Lecturer in Psychology.

Please note our December CPD Event will now be held online via Zoom due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr Derek Farrell Principal Lecturer in Psychology University of Worcester, EMDR Europe Accredited Senior Trainer, BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist President of Trauma Aid Europe, Past-President (twice) EMDR UK & Ireland Association

Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) is a mood disorder that causes persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest. Ostensibly, MDD is a bio-psycho-social condition that affects how a person thinks, feels and behaves. The impact of depression can have noticeable effects on day-to-day activities, social interactions and relationships. Internationally, MDD is considered a common mental disorder with more than 300 million sufferers, and according to the WHO (2018) is the ‘leading cause of disability worldwide’ and a major contributor to the overall ‘global burden of disease’. Predominant treatments for MDD include anti-depressant medication, behavioural activation, cognitive behavioural therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy.

For the purpose of this workshop MDD will be viewed through the lens of Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) the theoretical framework that underpins EMDR Therapy, which is an empirically supported psychological treatment for PTSD and Complex PTSD. The workshop will highlight the current research on the utilisation of EMDR Therapy with MDD and explore its clinical application with pertinent client groups including first world health economies and as part of trauma capacity building. The morning part of the workshop will outline some of the key theoretical, empirical and political aspects that underpin our understanding of MDD from an EMDR Therapy perspective. The afternoon will involve problem-based learning exercises to assist interaction, discussion and shared learning – before ending with a final summary and Q&A session.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Critically consider MDD from a bio-psycho-social perspective and its impact on individuals, families, relationships, communities and cultures
  2. Reflect on the application of AIP as a theoretical framework pertinent to MDD and subsequent treatment
  3. Explore the utilisation of EMDR therapy as either a sole, serial or parallel treatment intervention for MDD



Dr Derek Farrell is a Principal Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Worcester (UK) where he is Course Director of a MSc EMDR Therapy programme (the world’s first such programme). He is an EMDR Therapy Europe Accredited Senior Trainer and Consultant, a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, and an Accredited Psychotherapist with the British Association of Cognitive & Behavioural Psychotherapies (BABCP). He is Past-President of the EMDR UK & Ireland Board, President of Trauma Aid Europe, Past Co-Vice President of EMDR Europe Board and current Chair of the EMDR Europe Practice Committee. He has been involved in a number of Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building programmes in Pakistan, Turkey, India, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Lebanon, Poland, Palestine and Iraq. His PhD in Psychology was researching survivor’s experiences of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy and consequently has written several publications on this subject matter. In Geneva 2013, Derek was the recipient of the ‘David Servan Schreiber Award’ for Outstanding Contribution to EMDR Therapy. In addition, Derek was also shortlisted for the prestigious Times Higher Education Awards (2017) for International Impact due to his Humanitarian Trauma Capacity Building work in Iraq with the Free Yezidi Foundation and the Jiyan Foundation for Torture and Human Rights. In 2018, Derek was awarded the ‘Trauma Aid Europe Humanitarian Award’ in Strasbourg, France also for his outstanding contribution towards humanitarian activity and trauma capacity building.

6 CPD points applied for

This event will be recorded and made available to participants. Please note CPD points can only be awarded to participants attending the entire event.


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